Prosperity Pipeline Overview (watch before month end!)(click the gear for faster speeds)

I go over all the different income streams, the vision and new company we are representing going forward! (get your product order in ASAP so you can start on our NEW "Get Lean Program" and have your product by Monday)... I have a special bonus for all of you who lock arms with the "Fast Start Kit"! Watch this asap... EVEN if you have to turn it up to higher watch speeds!

Barbara Genest
about 11 hours agoMarch 29, 2017
Hi Mike, 

Just signed up with the fast start. 

Can I get the link for the system and Coupon HBA

Very excited to get started. SBC was missing the Superfood (shake) I was missing that part of the product. I kept hoping when a new annoucement came that they were adding a shake component to the Product line. Natralife is Perfect
Mike Hobbs
about 6 hours agoMarch 29, 2017
Awesome Barbara!  Just sent you the coupon code!
Lew Fisher
about 9 hours agoMarch 29, 2017
Hey Mike,   Sue and I just joined a few minutes ago. Already being members of HBA  please adjust the credit for one month.  Look forward to more great things with you and Paul.
Mike Hobbs
about 6 hours agoMarch 29, 2017
Nice!  Added you to the team group.  You are all set!
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